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Future Leaders Transition Year Programme

The “Future Leaders Transition Year Programme” is a joint initiative from the GAA and the Professional Development Service for Teachers (PDST). It is a cross-curricular programme comprising of eight modules, each designed to encourage maturity, initiative, responsibility and leadership skills in pupils.

The Programme gives pupils the knowledge and skills to support all roles required in the effective staging of Gaelic Games. As part of the Programme pupils are challenged to organise and run a GAA Super Games Centre for younger students.

The PDST have been involved in the preparation of the Future Leaders programme providing advice on curriculum links, ensuring alignment with the TY programme, embedding the core concept of Physical Literacy, developing educational resources and delivering training to the participating schools.

“The PDST team are delighted to be part of this wonderfully innovative project which provides rich opportunities for students to develop in the most holistic sense in line with the principles of the TY programme. I believe that this initiative provides a unique and creative learning pathway for young people to acquire skills which are both sports related and transferable not only across the curriculum, but beyond TY itself. It is a privilege to work with the schools involved and our colleagues in the GAA “ .

 Ciara O’Donnell, National Director of the PDST

Course Structure:

  • The Programme is comprised of 8 modules.
  • All modules are between 6 – 10hrs long, stand alone and individually certifiable. Pupils will receive a certificate for each completed module.
  • A school can choose to deliver one or more modules. Delivering five modules plus the organisation of a GAA Super Games Centre through the pupils, results in them being awarded the “GAA/PDST Future Leaders Award”.
  • When registered, each pupil gets an online e-Portfolio to store and share documentation and to submit tasks. Pupils receive certification for each module when all the tasks are completed


  • Future Leaders FMS & Coaching of hurling / Gaelic football Module
  • Future Leaders Refereeing Module
  • Future Leaders Administration Module
  • Future Leaders Sports Journalism Module
  • Future Leaders Performance Analysis Module
  • Future Leaders Event Management Module
  • Future Leaders Wellbeing Module
  • Future Leaders Nutrition Module


  • There is a competition element to the “Future Leaders Programme” also. For example, the best “Sports Journalist” will shadow a sports journalist in Croke Park on a big match day.
  • These will be national competitions and the winners will be picked from the work submitted to the pupils’ e-portfolio.

Role for Everyone:

  • There are many jobs that need to be filled by Transition Year pupils to ensure the successful running of the Super Games Centre. This is the practical application of the skills pupils acquired in the various modules.
  • Future Leaders Committee – This is comprised of a group of pupils who oversee the overall day to day running of the Super Games Centre. The committee oversees everything and organises the weekly roster for the various other jobs.
  • Team Managers – Responsible for ensuring team knows when and where games are on and for the team during games.
  • Referees / Umpires / Linesmen – These are appointed to the various games by the Committee.
  • Journalists – The PRO is responsible for appointing a journalist to each game. The journalist then writes a match report which is emailed to the PRO for the Social Media Committee to post on the Super Games Centre Facebook and Twitter account and for the schools website.
  • Photographers – The PRO is again responsible for appointing a photographer to each game. The photos are then emailed to the PRO for the Social Media Committee to post on the Super Games Centre Facebook and Twitter account and for the schools website.
  • Performance Analysists – There will be a performance analyst working with each team collecting various data.
  • Nutritionists – These will meet the 1st and 2nd year pupils and discuss healthy eating with them and prepare healthy eating plans for them.

Benefits of the Programme:

  • The Super Games Centre allows players to take ownership of the Games and feel a sense of belonging and enjoyment in a fun, safe environment. As the TY pupils themselves are responsible for organising and running all aspects of the 1st and 2nd Year Super Games Centre, this course encourages and empowers the Transition Year pupils to take ownership and responsibility for everything linked to the games, which make the match day experience what it is.
  • By completing the various modules and running a Super Games Centre, pupils really do develop, mature and benefit in so many ways, which can only be achieved by putting their newly acquired skills and knowledge to use in a practical, real life setting.
  • The programme is officially linked to Gaisce the President’s Award, and pupils can do their Bronze Award through the Future Leaders Programme, once they are registered for both.