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Future Leaders Transition Year Programme

The "Future Leaders Transition Year Programme" is a joint initiative from the GAA and the Professional Development Service for Teachers (PDST). It is a cross-curricular programme comprising of eight modules, each designed to encourage maturity, initiative, responsibility and leadership skills in pupils. The Programme gives pupils the knowledge and skills to support all roles required in the effective staging of Gaelic Games. As part of the Programme pupils are challenged to organise and run a GAA Super Games Centre for younger students.

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'WeLL' refers to the combination of Wellbeing & Lifelong Learning.

The GAA's 'Going WeLL' is a learning resource that nurtures personal growth and infuses a sense of "Belonging" - belonging to one's class, one's school, one's team, one's local Club and Community, the broader Association and ultimately to the Irish Nation.

It is based on UNESCO's 'Global Goals for Sustainable Development', with its' prioritisation of both 'Good Health and Wellbeing', as well as 'Quality Education', 'while building on the World Health Organisation's strategy of aligning the Life Sources of regular physical activities, with psychological, social, intellectual and ethical skills.

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