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19th September 2022

St. Brendans Killarney defeated I.S. Killorglin by 3-11 to 3-8 in the TUS Corn an Bhrathair Cholim Taft (15 A Football) Quarter Final at Beaufort.

Unbelievable comeback vs ISK as the mighty Sem boys march to the Semis

In a day of perfect conditions, the St Brendan’s college side played ISK in a quarter final clash in Beaufort today.

ISK started strong by getting a goal to give their side an early lead, however the Sem quickly responded with corner forward James Kelly scoring a lovely point. There were some great saves by goalkeeper Ewan Mccrohan and a compact and strong Sem defence keeping out ISK chances.

Maurice Joy’s brilliant work rate helped him win the ball in our own end which resulted in James Kelly getting his second point of the game from a very tight angle.

However, ISK went on a good run of play getting four unanswered points. Sean Kiely and Fionn Doyle were excellent making continuous runs up and down the field and Sean Kiely won a crucial free for Ben Kelliher to convert. An unbelievable save by Ewan to deny their full forward a goal gave the Sem a bit of breathing space. Sean Kiely and James Kelly linked up nicely which ended with James Kelly burying the net with a lethal finish.

ISK showed their resilience and determination by firing in a goal on that next attack. The Half Time Score showed Sem trailing by 8 points of a score line of 2-8 to 1-3.

Sem had a very big task on the hands in the second half, but it didn’t stop them, the traditional trait of Sem boy students is to always show pride in representing that school badge and that’s exactly what they did.

They came out all guns blazing with Full back Mark Brosnan very tight in the backline winning all his 1-on-1 duels. Ben Kelliher reduced the score line to 2-8 to 1-5 after scoring 2 early frees.

Sem found momentum after a high ball delivery into the box from James Kelly and Luke Henderson managed to find the back of the net. ISK struggled to respond with Sean Kiely controlling the backline after a courageous block down. Ben Kelliher added to his tally with another 2 points

Things went from bad to worse for ISK as they went down to 14 men after a black card was given. A wonderful point from Mark O’Carroll to level the game after a magnificent comeback.

The Sem didn’t stop there with Ben Kelliher getting a great goal and a point to give Sem a 4-point lead. Sem were very defensively strong keeping ISK scoreless for the majority of the second half.
As Sem continued putting it up to ISK a narrow goal chance miss by Luke Henderson that just went passed the post.

ISK got their first score of the half with a well taken goal to make this intense game back to a 1-point game.

The Sem kept their composure however and didn’t let ISK gain momentum as Jack Hallisey won a free for Liam O’Brien to finish it. Mark O’Carroll got his second score to increase the lead to three points. With the intensity rising as ISK had one chance at a last gasp of hope to find a goal to equalize but the solid Sem defence kept them away and St. Brendan’s saw the game out.

Sem advance to a semi-final on the score line of 3-11 to 3-8 after an amazing comeback display.

Joint Man of the match: Sean Kiely and James Kelly

Honourable Mention: Ben Kelliher

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Date: 19th September 2022